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​​​​Invest in your prop​​erty

​​​kirchner last job 3.jpgPainting your home is a great way to increase the value of your property.  When properly prepared and painted your home will be protected for years to come and the aesthetic look of the custom painting will increase the value of your home.  When choosing MCP to paint your home, you are investing in your home and increasing its value.


​​​roof wide view.jpgPreparation is the most important step in painting.  The paint that is applied to your home is only going to be as good as the surface it is applied to.  Murray Custom Painting properly prepares all surfaces before applying paint.  When needed, I will scrape, sand, patch, and prime surfaces to ensure the best possible adhesion of the new paint.  All exterior walls and surfaces are power washed to ensure a clean surface.  Combining these processes with the top quality paints from Sherwin Willaims will provide the maximum life for the paint.

Attention to detail

sandra 3.jpgOne of the most important details to painting is how straight your lines are.  You will not see a straighter paint line than MCP's line.  My line is signature, I can walk into a room and immediately know if that line was cut by me.  Every line that is cut, is cut with a strong attention to detail.  When hiring a painting contractor you should expect perfection, and when MCP leaves a project, every line is perfect.  Every small detail is important when painting both interior and exterior.  This is what separates MCP from other companies.  ​


Murray Custom Painting is fully insured and has a warranty of two years for the work I perform.  The warranty is only valid with Sherwin Williams products.This warranty covers any chipping, peeling, bubbling, etc. of the paint.  This does not cover damage due to weathering. The warranty is not valid if there are any moisture problems present on the house. The customer will not be asked or expected to pay any labor that goes above the contracted hours unless additional work is agreed upon by both the contractor and the client.  Any damage that may occur to the property by MCP will be replaced to the fullest extent.​